The glass is there. Right in front of me. The ice cube that I just dropped in my drink is already slowly melting, fusing itself with the amber liquid inside. Swirling my drink in my hand now, it all becomes so clear: the minute you touch something, it cannot be pure anymore. Everything is exposed to contact from outside, everything is mudded by a myriad of influences. But then purity is not the point. A lesson so hard for humanity to learn that it has eaten away at us for not only decades but millennia. Trying to keep things pure, trying to stay pure, therein lies the crux of everything that is wrong with this world. It is this poisonous cell in our minds that wants perfection at any cost which makes us do horrendous things. Control: so exhilarating… so dangerous. The tempest that stirs in us this most deeply rooted instinct of trying to preserve a world that was never perfect to begin with, that was never worth it to stay intact. The second we will understand that progress as frightening as it may be, may lead to our world as we know it being shattered but will most probably also result in an amelioration rather than a deterioration of what is, we might be able to free ourselves from this maniacal desire to preserve. It is the summum of human frailty that we seek to achieve that which is both unachievable and undesirable to a degree which blinds us towards all reason and moderation… Why then does this instinct to strive for the preservation of the status quo drive us so much that we may not even conceive of a change that is positive? It is what drives us to fundamentalism and extremism, it makes us commit acts which, in this perfect world which our mind convinces us exists and which we are trying to protect, would simply be unfathomable. So here’s to forgetting about that idolized perfection of ours and embracing imperfection and reality while acknowledging its flaws and seeing its potential for improvement. Here’s to letting the ice cube melt in your drink. If we rid ourselves of ends so strong they make us believe every means is justified, we may rid ourselves of one of the cancers which hamper free thought the most.

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