Trivial and meaningless is all that springs to mind. Yet it feels like a storm, the branches cracking beneath its might.

Air: life-giving yet so destructive. The condition for living also makes us miserable. The origin of our consciousness is pain. How fitting then that throughout life, suffering makes us realize that we’re alive.

When impulses are sent through the spinal chord, chemicals released, when ideas are being formed, emotions influencing the view we hold that day and a winding road in an infinite loop, deprived of any exit we must travel, we understand what being human means: not understanding yet having the insatiable hunger to understand.

Trying to find the way through a dark forest where footprints don’t form, all trees look alike and screams echo in the wind from every side. Orientation lost yet trying to stride forwards. On forwards, forwards on! March we must, find an escape we cannot.

What does being human mean if not to be in a constant state of angst? Turpitude and torment – our most loyal companions – keep us feeling unsatisfied with what is, push us to take drastic measures, to change, to transform, to break with tradition. More, always more: new answers are needed, our garden of thought needs to be weeded. Out with the rank, out with the old! Make way for new solutions, better-suited to our ever-evolving needs.

The salvation today, the hampering weight tomorrow.

Clearing space for what is yet to come and – regarding the unknown shape the new takes on – radically clearing it all. When silver shimmer attracts the eye, it is time to say good-bye: to cluttering, collecting, dragging around.

Where sincerity in the exclamation of certainty is found, the human element is far. Vacillation is the true human condition. Only in an ever changing paradigm can we find momentary equilibrium. What sad existence this would be if perfection was attainable.

Restless, hectic, sad, angry, happy. Hyperbole and understatement.

Let go, make way, move on.

The balance shifting, the board reshuffled.

It never is the end…

must not…


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