Overcoming uncertainty, or rather: accepting it. When a whole life is spent making plans and thinking of the future, the present suffers greatly. That present which is the only thing that is ever certain, the only thing that even gives us the chance to create impact for the future in a way that making plans cannot. The choices are manifold and they seem scary. Yet, why do they seem that way? Uncertainty is the name of the culprit. Should we fight uncertainty therefore? No, it is an integral part of our existence and trying to banish it from our lives only means our head is in dissonance with physical reality, we chastise ourselves for things we have no influence on. Uncertainty is the name given to it by fright, opportunity what it is called by foresight. The hardest thing for me to understand has been exactly that, that foresight and the pleasure of the moment are not mutually exclusive, that a strong rigid grasp on “life” extinguishes the possibility of all life. How could a bud possibly bloom if a suffocating hand holds it so tight that it has no room to spread? To unfold, to discover and re-discover, to keep an open mind requires holding on to goals but allowing for changes in the way to achieve them. As my fingers type, my head still has to grasp this concept. Understanding this, coming to terms with it, I am sure, will be the only possible path to letting myself explore all other paths. To really be free is to allow for mistakes, to accept flaws as a given in everything. Perfection no more. Living instead.

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