How often do we feel the need to hide, to blend out all that is unwanted, the harsh, the crude, yet painfully real? Finding refuge is a necessity, it seems. Thus, we wander off into distant lands, where our ideals meet past experiences, our deficiencies become abundances, our weaknesses become talents and all that usually seems out of reach is suddenly so close, so real that its smell pervades that entire created world of ours. Reality, in all its tar and feather cruelty is stuffed away in a distant corner and for a moment all seems well.

This procedure is labeled defense mechanism. Defense against what though? Reality?

While coping with earth shattering news and events that perturb our vision of the future, both individual as well as global, certainly requires a technique beyond the mere nodding of the head, shutting out reality can never be a long term solution. As fantastic as the mind may be, the hundred worlds it might create, the thousand possibilities it sees, they all seem futile when compared to this one real world, where all actions have consequences, naught is for nothing and change is not dreamt but lived every second of every day.

Finding solace in reality, thus, has to be the goal for each and every one of us. Embracing all that is, dark as well as bright, the heavenly scent as much as the stench, is the only way to make this – the only  – life matter.

Much like water always finds its way and – if need be – creates it, so humanity finds its way through trial and error, for better or for worse, always resilient. What is the history of humanity, if not an amassment of individual life stories, the struggles of each and every one of us?

To live is to accept and never to accept: accept the status quo as reality, but refuse to accept that the pattern of facts that form reality today must stay in place perennially.

Refuge from reality means shutting down, refuge in reality means progress.

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