Cold on the outside but so warm within. Walking through the garden, flowers defying the weather, beauty on show while a sweet scent pervades the air and releases an even more overwhelming floral imagery in my mind. Color, scent and feeling enveloping everything that is. Even stones, cold and rough, host a flower in their midst and all is well as on the park bench there she sits. The light dimly shines through the grey of the clouds and it becomes clear that perfect lighting is not a condition for her beauty. Amidst these palettes of colours, one shade pierces through the ordinary and into the realm of the sublime: the tone of her skin. Her voice so soft and calming as substance beats form beats substance beats form… No doubt is left that there are things worth living for. There are things so indescribably beautiful, so powerful over my perception, they can tilt the axis my world revolves around. Colours blind while sounds ring louder, her touch is longed for all the more. What I would give not to own this moment, but to replicate that feeling another time. Her company is all I need. To make her want my company – I’d feel so freed.

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