Summer. Sweat. A head void and filled at once. Grabbing a beer, a guitar, getting up on stage. A buzzing noise that constantly grows louder. Bobbing heads. A beam of sunlight blinding a whole city. Instead of order, chaos. In chaos, a new liberty. Always bearing in mind the rules we disassemble. Nonchalantly breaking free. Freedom in reality. Reality imprisoning dreams rather than dreams imprisoning our mind and keeping it from accessing reality. Youth. A second youth. Exalting. Thrilling. Loud. Tiring and energizing at once. Panic. Confusion. Liberation. Mirror. Mirage. Darkness slowly leading the way to escape the light. Ever blinding. Ever warming. Men. Women. Hair. Sweat. Arms in jubilation. Drumming. Water. Beer. A swagger in the way we walk. The sound of rotor blades. The colour blue. The colour grey. A tune forever ours. Deconstructing the dissembled. Uncovering the concealed. A silver shimmer. Broken. Shattered. Fucking beautiful!

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