Autumn has finally come. As it always does, it came unannounced with no transitional period that would have allowed for dispositions to be taken, amendments to be made. One day Summer, the next day Fall. So much as for the exterior world. Within me, however, what a firework of seasons! Summer that turned into Spring as coats got thicker and I caught a cold. A touch of skin, four eyes that meet, four corners of mouths that slightly lift, a palpitation of the heart and, thus, the cold forgotten, the rain in beautiful contrast to the emotions within. As the wet grey streets become scattered with red and yellow leaves, a foot once heavy now feels feather light – as if the leaves that fall onto the ground made room for me up in lofty heights  – and if not my body then at least my mind is brought to bide awhile up where the air is purified.

Unhinged, full of energy and yet serene. A fixed point around which I can draw my imperfect circles. Unchartered, free, yet so at home. An awakening in Fall.

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