To lust, to wish, to desire… no one single person can fulfil your wishes, not even you yourself. What is possible however, is to stay connected to one other person, to plan your life with them, while giving them enough room to express themselves, to develop in whatever way they wish, to let them experience the sides they have which you might not understand. To love devoutly is to know that nothing is owed to you. To keep an open mind, to embrace whatever the other person finds within the depths of themselves, to let them delve into waters you wouldn’t dare put your toes in, to be at the shore for them when they come back, with a towel to dry them off while giving the water enough time to perfuse their skin. Never to repress, never to force to forget. To fear but not to yield to that fear, rather to take comfort in their imminent return, enriched by their experience. To be what others dare not be – a safe harbour that welcomes you back unconditionally.

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