A mother. A father. Sisters. Brothers. Trauma. Kansas City. Luxembourg. Berlin. Paris. New Orleans. Office. University. Home. Phallic symbols everywhere. Jazz. Whisky. Drums. Golf. Grass. Tweed. Scarf. Head. Black. Skin. Touch. Eyes. Smell. Smoke. Winter. Flask. Identity Crisis. Dating. One. Two. Three. More. Alone. In Company. Abyss dimly lit. Beats. Mute. Sensory deprivation. Hills. Valleys. Forest. City. Fiction. Reality. Crimson. Royal. Moss. Bark. Axe. Beach. Water. Grass. Longing. Supersaturation. Deeply troubled. Highly depressed. Maniacal. Leeks. See those damn leeks. Everywhere. Where’s refuge? In the uninhibited self?

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