The words roll smoothly off the tongue

E’rbody knows the beat is strong

Beatty has taken us to the USSC

Justice Thomas, not so quiet, you see

The fate of a whole culture

A fine meal to a vulture

Quickly glancing over there

Wait for Africans to share

A bit of their story, their memory, their worry

Look at the Zulu warrior, in all his glory

The blood and sweat wasted on Virginian Tobacco

Don’t worry, black culture is taking it back yo

Champagne flowing down Mississippi river

Look at the masters, see them quiver

In fear of something like Tarantino, unchained

That’s what happens when your “property”‘s caned


The court is now in session

Texas still wants that secession

From a Union barely deserving that name

From a Union dissolved in shame

Attorneys at law waiting for their turn

Their big break, for which they yearn

Freedom’s never free, they say

What they mean by that is Guantanamo Bay

Testament to the bankruptcy of ethics

Less about morals, more about genetics

Stop and frisk, why, you‘re not at risk

If your skin is so pale, you’d never scratch a disc

Jockey to you is someone riding in Kentucky

The relationship to others has always been rocky

Spitting wisdom, in ciphers

Whatever freedom requires

Blood boiling, from reality recoiling

You heard me, this party’s for spoiling

Not a nation, no a planet

Burning, now who planned that?

Once cheap labour, now a threat

Refugees here, there a minaret

So blinded by looking for what’s “other”

Forgetting that he too is your brother

Your sister, see Mister? We’re all from Africa originally

So stop this hate, stop badly informed bigotry

Listen as that drum beat accompanies the piano

In the lounge, you need no ammo

My M.O. is resistance to ignorance

Spread the word, in correcting be rigorous

I welcome you to the century of misinformation

Where truth needs to come with a shot of persuasion

Scalia is dead. Janet Yellen runs the Fed.

Greenspan tried to span the Franklin green all over the world

The miner digging for diamonds in SA found this absurd

Washed off the blood, showcased in New York

At Tiffany’s, on 5th, at the airport

Every woman’s best friend, now doesn’t that offend

Those who seek to keep dignity must amend

The situation that leaves so many cold

But what’s the reaction to chaos? More streets patrolled

More evil foretold, more passports controlled

Cut me off my liberty completely, why don’t you?

Looking for dominas, I know a few who…

You don’t need to live out your fantasies in the open

Your freedom’s not for granted, not a token

Fuck asking what you can do for your country

We need to stop this global trend abruptly

Heaven knows hell’s already on earth

Charity and empathy’s in dearth

We live for the refrain of a song

But really it’s the verse that shows us what’s wrong

How many headlines misinterpreted?

How many young men short-circuited

A conflict still raging in the Middle East

A whole region’s youth, in the belly of the beast

Is there anything we can do about the streets of Chicago?

We need new interpretations, Daniel Craig’s Iago

A world seen through a bottle of coke

Red and Black, Sweet, yet Bleak

Stendhal for the illiterate

A whole planet belligerent

The cuts on the tables slowly fade the beat out

If you only do one thing: reach out!


Let this  message reverberate

Whatever you do, don’t incarcerate

It’s freedom’s wings your clipping, your very, merry, own

Don’t know what you’re doing? Ask Berliner’s about the Soviet zone

When the verdict’s in and only then you begin

To grasp what has happened, save your own skin

You can’t claim to not have known what deep down you feel

You become paranoid and you carry, conceal, the whole spiel

Painful as it may be to listen to the message


Understanding the other is a human’s rite of passage.





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