There was a riot, below, on the street

At the corner where the kids all meet

They fought over this and that

I heard a shot, now Ed is dead

People scrambled, a life gambled away

All roads lead to war, to peace is there a way?

When the peace dove is shot down like a clay pigeon?

When the modus operandi of street kids is to bludgeon?

Now put your neck on the line and wait for the foot

You fear for your life, squirm, cry, now stay put

“Just another gang fight” reads the paper, if at all

Pride, just like indifference, goeth before a fall

A city underfunded, undermanned, underplanned

The emptiness spilling over to the witness stand

Another thug is dead, so who cares?

Who, you ask, dares?

To constantly feed you information on deaths, right here in Chicago

In one part of the city it’s the wine, in another it’s the blood that’s Bordeaux

Almost schizophrenic: the city, its people

Ridiculously unnecessary its steeple

Because there’s time to ask somebody who doesn’t exist to do something about the situation

But when cars burn, and you start understanding what it felt like in Baghdad , you’d rather go on vacation

What are you going to do? Take action?

Nah, because those people, they’re just a fraction

Of what makes up the city

Never sat on a committee

Do they even deserve the help they refuse to request?

Don’t they act at hatred’s behest?

Life’s easier when you believe people are born evil

Than when you put into motion decency’s retrieval

The conditions that people have to live in

It’s more survival, less really living

They didn’t appear from nowhere

The origin is not a gangster’s neckwear

Misery has a long history in this rather young country

Let’s try to reverse that, without self-praise, humbly.








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