The sun doesn’t come up for too many of us.

Leaning back, back still aching, waiting until it’s settled, the dust.

Under my white collar, there might be black skin, white skin, every shade in between.

Beneath your blue collar, diversity’s the same.

Loosen your tie, unbutton your shirt.

Dab the sweat off your forehead, off your fingers, clean the dirt.

Have suicidal thoughts while driving back home from work in a Mercedes CLS, thunderstruck.

Have suicidal thoughts as the rusty chainsaw rattles in the back of your old, trusted, rusty truck.

Walk down Brooklyn, get dog shit on the soles of your shoes.

Walk down Wall street, get dog shit on the soles of your shoes.

Diamonds are only for women in Paul Simon songs.

Answer the question: who can right theses wrongs?

Everything is stressful, everyone has got their triggers.

My life for the pursuit of happiness, are there higher bidders?

Hold down the fort, even if it’s just a Ford Escort.

A man’s castle, or trailer park, an airport.

Finding out what you need, getting a sense of what’s amiss.

Knowing what can heal the divide, wouldn’t that be bliss?

Far too long have we stood on opposite sides, walked past each other in great strides,

While problems transcend color, money, heaping burdens, like tides, on both sides.

If we just stopped pretending, and started mending;

Defending what is right, stopped being unbending.

If we just had a clearer idea of our vision, our mission,

We could topple the order, we’d have the ambition.



Words that sound right if you are able.

All I want today is to be stable.



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