Leave me behind, leave me behind. I am a burden. Don’t try to get me and I’ll try not to do the same to you. Get away with not getting me by getting out of this. Turn everything inside out, upside down, see that it’s a medal with two identical sides. Human bodies move like snakes, or flames, in flow, as pure as grain flow forged steel, as flexible as jelly, as mesmerizing as the ever elusive functioning hypnosis. No stasis. No. Constant movement. Water runs down the drain, sweat runs down foreheads, drops form at the nose, before they fall onto the floor. A single drop makes such a splash. Swish. Swoosh. Pizz. Pazz. Rizz. Razz. Jazz. Boom. Swoosh. Arms cut through the air like sabres, limbs upon limbs upon limbs. Everything black but one crack in the wall through which light streams constantly in. Adjust and don’t trust that I’ll be here still. Leave me behind, leave me behind, if you will.

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