You hear the piano clicking, but there’s no melody

You pant, you make an orgasmic face, breathlessly

A road lined with pine trees, deserted, so hot

A heart has been broken, trauma has struck

A life unlived, or lived in other ways

What if? What if? You ruined my days!

A kick down the stairs or handcuffed wrists

In praise of desire, so clear but unlived

Straight satisfy yourself, or go the windy way

Drugs, sex, letters, heartbreak, misery

Give satiety a fresh appetite

Walk past your life, stride by stride

Quenching thirsts that are unquenchable

Digging up earth, unearthable

Piety in a Spanish village, Sodom and Gomorrah in Madrid

If not satisfaction in living, than in revenge and hatred

Isn’t that what the torero thinks, before he his last time winks

At the girl with the red dress, up on the stands

Hence, hence, hence… we neatly build a fence

Offense; Amends; Ends


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