Dear friends, it would be much more exciting to call for a brandishing of swords and a lighting of torches. However, I’ve had enough of that vocabulary as of late and so shall refrain from using it myself. What needs to be done right now is not the aggression of everyone vaguely not of our opinion, but rather getting a Congress that hasn’t worked for years back to doing its work.

Certain questions immediately come to mind: Aren’t we hypocrites if we, who lamented the inaction and blocking attitude of Congress for years, now want it to continue with the same charade with a new White House? How is any meaningful change even possible when Congress’ majority has the same party affiliation as the White House?

To the first of those questions, the answer must be that inaction is not what is asked of Congress but rather the exercise of their right to check the government. A right and duty which befalls not only on the opposition, but also on the majority, making it necessary for the White House to campaign for their ideas even within its own Senate and House majorities. That there are undesired Presidents and that then there is the situation of 2017 must be clear to all by now. This is no ordinary disagreement, this is a defense of American values.

The answer to the second question is: Does it? So much of what the White House, under Steve Bannon, is doing, is antithetical to the Republican Party that it is hard to see the Republican affiliation of the President as anything other than a means to an end – to be elected President. Congress and the Republican Party are not informed of actions taken by the White House, they are reduced to mere approval machines, holding no meaningful say in what is to be done.

So, what is needed from you right now is to help Congress find its focus and stop it from running around like a headless chicken still in denial that its “friend” cut its head off. Try to meet with your representatives, try calling them, stay courteous, stay friendly, stay on point. It is important that Congress know what public opinion is, not from what is the felt sentiment, but from their own constituents, face to face, or at least, voice to voice.

I thank America for the compassion in misery and outrage in the face of cruelty it has shown thus far and I know I don’t need to urge my friends to act because they are, much more than their current government, quintessentially American.

Stay strong. I love you!

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