Clean break. Shaved face. White t-shirt. Blood in the sink. Hair on the ground. Black sunglasses.
Sunshine. Blue sky. Wet ground. An ugly scar.
It’s all new baby, it’s all new. A fresh bandage on the wound.
Break the cycle, break it now. Nowhere to bike, everywhere to go.
A dusty road, wheels turning. No one’s steering, kids are cheering.
They run after the truck, trying to catch it. They can’t.
It’s too fast for them. Tomorrow they will try anew.
Strumming a guitar, sitting on the porch. At night-time, on the field, lighting a torch.
Burn it to the ground and from the ashes let it rise.
Life begins everyday before our own eyes. In disguise.
Hide that bite mark underneath your freshly ironed white collar. Freedom for a dollar!
Yesterday is left behind. Today is when we grind, grind, grind.
Wheels keep turning, one direction or another.
Liberty as inspiration’s fodder.

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