Unchain yourself from thoughts as old as relics

Toss away the myriad things that hold you back

Unchain yourself from discussions polemic

Get yourself aligned, get back on track


Unchain yourself from pretending to be

Leave blanks where you don’t feel like filling in

Unchain yourself, learn to feel free

Don’t make a holy grail out of fitting in


Unchain yourself, shades on to shield your eyes

From what you don’t need, filter it out

Live as though you didn’t care about goodbyes

Let your voice grow stronger, be articulate and loud


Unchain yourself from the trivial

Make the most of a shitty day

Save yourself all the drivel

Find that needle in the stack of hay


Unchain yourself from the thought of writing good poetry

Rhymes, stanzas, palindromes and punctuation

Unchain yourself from the thought of creativity being your mum’s pottery

Float like a butterfly, that Muhammad Ali fluctuation


Unchain yourself from having to nail every line

A byproduct of an illness, so what do you expect?

In the end, it is all going to be fine

If I die of something other than neglect


Unchain yourself from form, unchain yourself from consistency, lay off your shackles what punctuation what oh wait there is something missing the white collar on a grey dog the blue flower in an otherwise green pasture the glass of milk the biscuit and in the end it faintly smells of death it faintly smells of honey it faintly smells of summers past

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