• I saw her standing there.
  • Where?
  • In front of the library. A packet of Marlboro Gold in her hand. She was struggling to get the plastic off.
  • Did somebody help her?
  • Is it really help if you enable a person to smoke? But yes, a tall man in his late 20’s with curly brown hair came and helped her. He then offered her to use his lighter.
  • Did she?
  • Use his lighter? Yes, she did. They proceeded to smoke.
  • Both of them?
  • Yes, both of them. They smoked and talked and laughed from time to time. She was smiling all throughout their exchange.
  • Did her smile betray any of her feelings towards him?
  • If she had had feelings of a particular nature, they surely would have shown. Alas, she felt nothing but amusement at this attempt to win her over with non-fumbling hands and a lighter.
  • What was the topic of their conversation?
  • It had none. They skipped from walking dogs to the weather to building snowmen.
  • So it was banal?
  • Quite so.
  • Did the young man have anything else with him other than his lighter?
  • Yes, he had a brown leather messenger bag. It was worn. He seemed to have some sort of textbook in it and a couples of notes.
  • What subject?
  • Economics, I think.
  • At what point did they break off conversation?
  • Right after she was done smoking. He still had half a cigarette left.
  • So she had smoked more quickly?
  • Yes, she had been shivering from the cold and drew long breaths.
  • And he?
  • He felt a little surprised by her suddenly ending the conversation, but still smiled when she turned away.
  • Did he proceed to smoke the rest of his cigarette in front of the library?
  • No, he put his cigarette out and then went inside.
  • DId he put his bag away before making his way up the stairs?
  • I presume so, although I could not see beyond the window panes as they had misted up
  • Not all that interesting of a story is it?
  • No, I suppose it’s not.
  • Well then…
  • Quite…

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