Do you want me to lead you to a place you haven’t been?

Do you want to taste the bittersweetness of sin?

Are you a projection of all my fears and lusts?

Your hair is wavy because of wind gusts


Have you met the others, have they made you scream?

Have you showered yet or is this all my dream?

If I forgive you every faux pas does that make me invincible?

Am I just letting you sleep around out of principle?


Morals so strong they grip me tight

How do I really know what’s right?

Take my hand and show me to an unmade bed

So I can taste your salty sweat


Do you want to tease me ever more?

Deny me just like the night before?

I live through you, vicariously

Your freedom is my indulgence, curiously


And the other men, I can still feel their presence

You lie down and tell me of my presents

Whispering in my ear how they made you quiver

And you touch my hand and you make me shiver


I simply cannot stop loving you

I am enjoying the outside view

As you smile at me from across the room

You wouldn’t think I was the groom

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