The fascination of what might yet come… and in the background, the constant beating of a drum. Luxembourg has equipped me with the desire to understand the entire world, every language, every culture, every opinion. I may not rest until that desire has been satisfied. And yet, such an endeavour seems quite the opposite of feasible. If anything, the young adult the Luxembourgian school system produces, is a disillusioned, frustrated and oftentimes depressed idealist with a lot of potential but a crippling fear of failure that holds him back.

Standards are so high that he always seems subpar. And not in the way that the game of Golf deems a score below par to be a great achievement. Rather, a young man who should have the entire world to explore is so frightened of not realizing his potential that he doesn’t even try. He hides behind laziness as an excuse for his failure because he is too afraid of still failing when giving it his all.

Is that the kind of new generation we want to produce? It can’t be. There must be a better way than the red marker, the focus on mistakes, the repetition that greatness is something that others have, but not you.

There is of course the odd exception. One teacher that tries to encourage you. But all the goodwill of one person cannot outweigh the crushing weight of the system.

I can speak several languages fluently, I have a solid grasp of economics, philosophy, politics, literature and science, but what I lack is the believe in myself and the world. So I am terribly sorry but for all its merits I can still only tell the Luxembourgian education system one thing and one thing only: FUCK YOU!

I am of course able to reflect on my situation enough to not only blame it on the educational system that I am the utter failure that I currently am, but it has contributed its fair share and it ought to know.

Nobody profits from unattainable standards, bad grades in spite of excellence and the constant debasement of skills and perpetual crushing of dreams.

I am in absolute awe of the fact that there aren’t more suicides in Luxembourg and that the economy of the country works as well as it does. We have a crisis which nobody seems to acknowledge. The state of education in this country is dire. It has been for a while.

I am angry. I am sad. I want a better future for my children. If everything stays the way it is, there is no chance whatsoever that I will put them through the hell that is the Luxembourgian education system.

Luxembourg, if you want your future back, you might want to tell your children that they can, not that they can’t!

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