Objects are closer than they appear. A rearview mirror is a funny thing. Blinding when the sunlight hits the glass just so. A shadow of what you have left behind and a warning of what is yet to come, also. The angle depends on your setting. Your setting depends on your general situation. As does the route you’re taking. As does who’s sitting on the passenger seat, if anyone at all. The luggage you take, the friends you make, it’s all in where you come from and yet it is unknown. Like when you’re driving on a gravel road. The dust you spin up will make it hard for the car behind you to see what’s coming. Yet, what’s coming is more of the aftermath of what has already come that way: you. You know what happens when you put corn seeds in a hot frying pan. But once it’s popped, what then? Salt, or sugar, caramel, cinnamon? The movie won’t change. Your experience of it will. The crunching sound will prevent someone sitting behind you from hearing a particular line. Maybe it makes that person miss the whole point of the movie. It’s all in a kernel. It’s all in the crunch. Does the rearview mirror tell you anything about what’s up ahead? Not really, but it gives you a hunch.


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