Go West! That’s what they said. But on a globe, there’s a limit to what counts as the west. For if you go too far west, you’ll end up in the east. And apparently, that’s not good. The east is what is already known: the old, the archaic, the boring. What you must strive for is to find new shores. But what if all the sand on all the beaches of this world has run down from top to bottom through an hourglass? What if everything there was to reach for has already been taken possession of? What if there’s simply nothing left to invent and the only possibility is to tweak, to reinvent, recycle, refurbish, rebrand? What then? Is barely treading water still considered going west? What about the ache of an ever faster beating heart in my chest? What of my talents, my passions, my dreams? All seen, all dulled, all dreamt?

I’m looking for a slogan for this brave new world in which no one is brave, nothing is new and the word world has been dramatically diminished in its size. How about: This is us now. Maybe accompanied by a shrugging emoji. Because that’s how we express emotions now: by choosing from a limited set of drawn pictures depicting a round shape, supposed to be a face, using mostly just gestures to express a single state of mind. What about context, what about nuance, what about the complexity of starting a sentence, then breaking it off… An interjection! Just like that. I’m confused. But also angry. And I still love you. I am confused about being angry at you but loving you and aaaaarggggh!

Or maybe it could be something more akin to: Everything’s been done. Don’t dream, don’t dare, don’t question. I feel that this accurately paints the picture of the status quo anno 2018. There is of course, the Gallic village that resists. But Pax Romana is hard to resist. Who wants to die when they can live? Perhaps that is the wrong question, though. Who wants to merely exist, when they could actively live? Granted, the act of actively living comes with its fair share of risks, which, in their most extreme form, may cut your life short. But is a long life necessarily a good life? I don’t think so.

So let’s go for another slogan: The end cannot be an endless loop of da capo al fine. Break the cycle that is to say: of old habits, bad routines, stagnation. The world might end at some point, but we can all work on finding a coda which surpasses everything that’s been so far in beauty, elegance and aspiration. Where’s the next moonshot they ask? It’s in you. It’s in me. Let it out and the world shall see!

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