You say it can’t be done, I’m too high-strung. But have you ever looked at the rain just before it subsided and seen the sun reemerge from behind the grey clouds? How much more welcome that sun is than the one that burns your skin on a hot July afternoon. And yet, it’s the same one. Have you ever looked at a diamond in the light? See how it breaks? See all those colours so bright? And yet it’s just one.

So there’s more than one you, you don’t fit perfectly into a mold? But what if I told you that you’ll just be the next one, a standard for future generations to uphold? And they will probably surpass you, be different in a million ways. Change is the only constant, that truth the only one that stays.

Look at the stars and tell me you don’t see beauty in spilled milk on a black floor. Tell me you don’t see the possibilities in a swinging door. A house is made so that there’s variety in function, atmosphere and style. Every room is meant not for you to spend your life in but to just hang out there for a while.

So if you tell me now is not the time and the time may never come: I don’t care. For however the connection between us might change and morph or even end, it will always have been there. And there’s much to be said for the live unlived to be just as valid as the one we deem more tangible, more real. For in the end, what is the continuation of day and night, life and dream, other than just a highlight reel?

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