I’m alive, but why? I mean, I know how I came about. But what’s it all about? Am I here just to shout or is there something bigger to accomplish? Something more meaningful that I am supposed to build? Something to last? To last past a time when I’m long gone? To last for all the generations yet to come? I’m yearning for a meaning, but there probably isn’t any, so hedonism raises its banner over my head. Just as the thousandth blonde gives me head. Just as the thousandth glass of champagne gets emptied down the back of my throat. Just as it’s the thousandth time that I pair caviar with my favorite cheese – goat. But then reason takes hold of me again. I need to do something worthwhile, be a man. Not only in flesh, but in mind as well. If pride cometh before the fall, well I might as well… drink from the water, the holy water, smart water, what else? Turning it into wine? Passé! Refusing to drink anything else? Blasé! Colors change as shapes shift and I tremble. No common ground, no solid ground, only ground coffee, grounds for dismissal… visceral, but cerebral right thereafter. When looking upon a lifetime of pain and failure, who wants the ever after?

3… 2… 1… Knocked Out!

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