My indulgence

Do you want me to lead you to a place you haven’t been? Do you want to taste the bittersweetness of sin? Are you a projection of all my fears and lusts? Your hair is wavy because of wind gusts   Have you met the others, have they made you scream? Have you showered yet […]

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Mundane things

I saw her standing there. Where? In front of the library. A packet of Marlboro Gold in her hand. She was struggling to get the plastic off. Did somebody help her? Is it really help if you enable a person to smoke? But yes, a tall man in his late 20’s with curly brown hair […]

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I’m fighting battles on a thousand fronts Embellisihing them in a thousand fonts Draw the dagger, lift my arm and stride Forwards, going for the kill, nowhere to hide   I’m in the trenches, my new trench coat wet Trying to save the life of a colleague I just met Nothing to eat, nothing to […]

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High hopes

With my feet on the dashboard One that’s full, because I hoard One that has a certain draw What happend to high hopes? Clinging to the last straw Although it broke the camel’s back Although it’s just a crack In an otherwise perfect picture An otherwise rageless mixture What happend to high hopes? When given […]

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Clay is the matter of the week Clay pots, clay vases, I have a clay streak Shatters, shards and shambles all Make for a prickly free-for-all   Intentions good or bad: no matter Can the weather get any wetter? Can the whisky get anymore rye? Can the wine taste any less dry?   The Earth […]

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I’ve read somewhere that the Japanese fix bowls with gold, resulting in the imperfection being seen as a unique part of the charm and history of the object. I find this quite the beautiful sentiment. Yet it is one which I am incapable of entertaining as pertains to myself. Long sleepless nights have etched away […]

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