It is but the beginning he said, then he started all over. No such luck at the other end of the line. If it’s at all linear and not a hostile takeover. If actions have consequences and there’s a design. But what if there is no sense in any of it all? Nothing to hold […]

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Only trust those you cannot trust, if trust someone you absolutely must. For if you expect the unexpected, there shall be no more surprise. The unfathomable treachery and evil you will surmise In your fellow human being, and you’ll even think it just To give a verdict without hearing the accused. Fear begetting paranoia begetting […]

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I’m alive, but why? I mean, I know how I came about. But what’s it all about? Am I here just to shout or is there something bigger to accomplish? Something more meaningful that I am supposed to build? Something to last? To last past a time when I’m long gone? To last for all […]

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The cigarette smoke lingered in the air just at the height of her eyes. Her dress had come undone at the shoulders. Her hair was still perfect. Her lips were slightly ajar. The masquerade was abandoned, the fog had lifted, the façade crumbled to show a human being: frail, vulnerable, sincere. She barely reacted to […]

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The walk home

Sex and then the walk home. Not the calm and then the storm. Chestnust, raindrops, fallen leaves Of raw emotion, logic’s the thief Of detailed analysis, feeling’s the muddler The rough sex a failure, at least a good cuddler The moon’s not quite full, but more than halfway there It shines a light on my […]

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