Objects are closer than they appear. A rearview mirror is a funny thing. Blinding when the sunlight hits the glass just so. A shadow of what you have left behind and a warning of what is yet to come, also. The angle depends on your setting. Your setting depends on your general situation. As does […]

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She’s in a different time zone, you say? What does it matter, I love her both night and day. She’s in a different career, different phase, different world? Have you ever seen a dessert that didn’t look more enticing swirled? But the age, the nationality, the different upbringing? I know what’ll drown out that noise: […]

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Funeral march

Hotter than hell is the furnace in which church bells are made. The knell tolls, a wedding is announced, and at the beginning there’s always fire. Oh, when I used to think my life was too cushy to ever be great. My constitution has weakened, the liver is beaten, the situation is dire. Flower petals […]

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