I’m alive, but why? I mean, I know how I came about. But what’s it all about? Am I here just to shout or is there something bigger to accomplish? Something more meaningful that I am supposed to build? Something to last? To last past a time when I’m long gone? To last for all […]

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The walk home

Sex and then the walk home. Not the calm and then the storm. Chestnust, raindrops, fallen leaves Of raw emotion, logic’s the thief Of detailed analysis, feeling’s the muddler The rough sex a failure, at least a good cuddler The moon’s not quite full, but more than halfway there It shines a light on my […]

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She’s in a different time zone, you say? What does it matter, I love her both night and day. She’s in a different career, different phase, different world? Have you ever seen a dessert that didn’t look more enticing swirled? But the age, the nationality, the different upbringing? I know what’ll drown out that noise: […]

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Funeral march

Hotter than hell is the furnace in which church bells are made. The knell tolls, a wedding is announced, and at the beginning there’s always fire. Oh, when I used to think my life was too cushy to ever be great. My constitution has weakened, the liver is beaten, the situation is dire. Flower petals […]

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