I held on to my pen. As I always did. As had been my modus operandi since primary school. As required by my crippling fear of losing control. The veins on the back of my hand were pulsating. The skin on the palm of my hand turned whiter than snow; whiter than was the norm. […]

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The incessant dripping … … into coffee pots … into overflowing buckets on the streets … of my IV … in the bathtub, my head bleeding out A stream is mighty, you know it can crush you and drag you away forever in an instant. A single drop is but the sign of a slow […]

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Who knew?

Who knew you could break your own heart, could shatter it into a million pieces? Who knew you didn’t have to be involved with anyone other than yourself? Who knew that grey clouds would ever come as a solace? Who knew a loosened tie would free your airway up that much? Who knew something impulsive […]

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