The incessant dripping … … into coffee pots … into overflowing buckets on the streets … of my IV … in the bathtub, my head bleeding out A stream is mighty, you know it can crush you and drag you away forever in an instant. A single drop is but the sign of a slow […]

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Who knew?

Who knew you could break your own heart, could shatter it into a million pieces? Who knew you didn’t have to be involved with anyone other than yourself? Who knew that grey clouds would ever come as a solace? Who knew a loosened tie would free your airway up that much? Who knew something impulsive […]

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The beat

I tap my feet, I tap my fingers. I nod my head, I hum a tune. Today is just an average day. But oh how unattainable “just average” seemed but a year ago. So I swirl around the whisky in my glass, I ride on an average train, but in first class. From the depths […]

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