Mundane things

I saw her standing there. Where? In front of the library. A packet of Marlboro Gold in her hand. She was struggling to get the plastic off. Did somebody help her? Is it really help if you enable a person to smoke? But yes, a tall man in his late 20’s with curly brown hair […]

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I’ve read somewhere that the Japanese fix bowls with gold, resulting in the imperfection being seen as a unique part of the charm and history of the object. I find this quite the beautiful sentiment. Yet it is one which I am incapable of entertaining as pertains to myself. Long sleepless nights have etched away […]

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Life is miserable if you make it so. And that doesn’t even take a concerted action. All it takes is not paying attention for a couple of seconds in which direction you let your life drift. A couple decisions here, a couple decisions there. Not saying “no” more than three times and voilà: your life […]

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Das Laub raschelte unter meinen Füßen. Die Sonne war am Untergehen. Ich zog die kalte Luft tief in die Lunge. Ich schaute durch die angeschlagene Fensterscheibe in das Café hinein. Dort saß sie, sie sah ein wenig traurig aus, ihre Mundwinkel nach unten gezogen. Sie schaute aus dem Fenster raus, am Walnussbaum rechts an mir […]

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Unrequited love

The day George died was banal. Waking up. Orange Juice. Coffee. The Newspaper. Out the door. Forgot the car keys. Back inside. “Forgot the keys. Bye now”. “Bye”. No “I love you”. No second kiss. I did the washing up. I heard the car start. Quiet now. I put on some Puccini. I put on […]

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