The cigarette smoke lingered in the air just at the height of her eyes. Her dress had come undone at the shoulders. Her hair was still perfect. Her lips were slightly ajar. The masquerade was abandoned, the fog had lifted, the façade crumbled to show a human being: frail, vulnerable, sincere. She barely reacted to […]

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Sie schrie ihm noch zu, dass er sich beeilen möge. Dann schloss die Tür hinter ihr und die Tram fuhr davon. Ohne ihn. Sie klopfte verzweifelt an die Tür, schrie den Fahrer noch an. Doch niemand schenkte ihr Aufmerksamkeit. Wie die Welt an den Fenstern, schien alles an den anderen Fahrgästen vorbeizulaufen. Sie sackte auf […]

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The walk home

Sex and then the walk home. Not the calm and then the storm. Chestnust, raindrops, fallen leaves Of raw emotion, logic’s the thief Of detailed analysis, feeling’s the muddler The rough sex a failure, at least a good cuddler The moon’s not quite full, but more than halfway there It shines a light on my […]

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Finding a coda

Go West! That’s what they said. But on a globe, there’s a limit to what counts as the west. For if you go too far west, you’ll end up in the east. And apparently, that’s not good. The east is what is already known: the old, the archaic, the boring. What you must strive for […]

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