This solemn infusion helps my confusion. The steam, the scent that fills my nostrils, I breathe it in and everything feels clearer. A sordid idea that one should spike a fever when all around the heat cannot be outdone, strings of ideas dry over a fire. All I can think about is this need to […]

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When all is calm and the night is black… still frames, relentlessly coming back to my mind, the colours washing away. It is as though every time I remember an image, I use it, details getting lost over time. In the hustle of the day, there is not enough time to notice the constantly growing […]

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Suffused with light on a grey cold afternoon Part 1: Impressions

Cold on the outside but so warm within. Walking through the garden, flowers defying the weather, beauty on show while a sweet scent pervades the air and releases an even more overwhelming floral imagery in my mind. Color, scent and feeling enveloping everything that is. Even stones, cold and rough, host a flower in their […]

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Wessen Leben ich gerade lebe, weiß ich nicht. Sollte es aber meins sein, so bin ich enttäuscht. Enttäuscht, weil ich es eigentlich im Griff haben sollte und dennoch eine so große Diskrepanz besteht zwischen dem was ich will, und dem was ist. Wie kann es nur so weit gekommen sein? Die Entmachtung meiner Selbst hat […]

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